Friday, 21 September 2018

World Ozone Day Celebrations on the move!

Celebrating our achievements for the whole month of September...displays at Trincity Mall...

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Happy 31st birthday to the #MontrealProtocol

Happy Birthday to the Montreal Protocol-the international agreement that helped
secure a future for our ozone layer and our planet! Let’s Keep Cool and Carry On with
protecting our ozone and climate.

Here are some interesting facts!

Under the #MontrealProtocol, nations have slashed the use of ozone-depleting
substances by nearly 100%. The ozone layer is now healing and will return to 1980
levels by mid-century, with many associated benefits – including up to 2 million cases
of skin cancer avoided annually by 2030.

#MontrealProtocol has contributed significantly to mitigation of climate change by
averting more than 135 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions going
into the atmosphere from 1990 to 2010. Find out how the treaty is poised to do more
for the climate at

#MontrealProtocol, the treaty that protects our ozone layer will in 2019
start reducing climate-warming hydrofluorocarbons through its #KigaliAmendment.

#Didyouknow #MontrealProtocol’s #KigaliAmendment is expected to avoid up to 0.5°C
of global warming by the end of the century while continuing to protect the ozone

Trinidad and Tobago Celebrates World Ozone Day 2018

Keep cool and carry on ! The National Ozone Unit spent the day spreading this message and the work of the Montreal Protocol as we celebrate World Ozone Day 2018.